Welcoming Baby Chicks to the Homestead

Oh my Goodness, ya’ll! Look what we got in the mail! There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming baby chicks to the homestead! I am just in love! We were so pleased and very pleasantly surprised at how well these baby chicks did after two days in the mail. They are perfect! Every one of them is happy, healthy and adorable! We highly recommend McMurray Hatchery if you are considering ordering chicks through the mail. This was our first time ordering chicks through the mail and I would do it again in a second. Continue reading to learn what breeds we got and how we are caring for them. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Welcoming Baby Chicks to the Homestead
We are welcoming baby chicks to the homestead from McMurray Hatchery! This is the box they were shipped in. They are crowded together like this to keep them warm during shipping.

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Protect Your Chickens From Bird Flu

Avian influenza, or bird flu, has been in news a lot lately. Sadly, chickens that contract this disease will die. Avian influenza spreads very quickly. Wild birds coming into contact with domestic birds is one way the disease is spreading. So, how do you protect your chickens from bird flu? Extremely tight biosecurity is critical to keeping a flock alive.

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Pet Health Emergencies: Are You Prepared to Handle Them At Home?

Pet health emergencies always seem to occur at the worst possible time! Usually, in the middle of the night, or over the weekend, when your only option is a very expensive trip to the emergency animal hospital. If you live in a very rural area, your only option may be to wait until the vet opens in town. Being prepared to handle your pet’s health emergencies at home could save your pet’s life, save you some money, and save your pet some needless pain and suffering! Continue reading “Pet Health Emergencies: Are You Prepared to Handle Them At Home?”