Resources for Homesteaders

Below, you will find a list of what I consider to be invaluable resources for homesteaders, preppers and off-griders. Knowledge is your most valuable tool! I spent years studying these resources, collecting knowledge, and practicing these skills before we even bought our land. This is a listing of my favorite books, You Tube channels, blogs and websites. Enjoy!!!! ūüôā

Goose Creek Homestead - Resources for homesteaders
A few of my favorite books for homesteaders and preppers.
Resources for homesteaders: Books I Own and Love

My collection of books about homesteading, farming, gardening, preparedness, and self sufficiency is enormous! These are links to my must haves! (These are Amazon Affiliate links.) I have multiple copies of most of them, and have read them all over and over again.

Resources for homesteaders: My Favorite You Tube Channels

I could go on for days about You Tube channels that I love! I would never be able to list them all here. With great difficulty, I have narrowed it down to my 10 most watched channels. If you know of a good homesteading or preparedness related you tube channel that is missing from this list, mention it in the comments below so that we can all check it out! Many of these channels also have really good blogs, websites, and/or Facebook pages, so be sure to check those out also!

  • Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara¬†– Patara is cute as a button, and full of useful knowledge about everything homesteading and self sufficiency related!
  • Starry Hilder¬†– Starry is a beautiful, unique lady living off grid on a self sustainable homestead. Her videos are down to earth and full of valuable information!
  • The Boss of the Swamp¬†– J.C. does an amazing job with his videos on homesteading and backwoods living. This is my favorite Sunday morning, drinking my coffee, you tube channel. His videos always leave me in a peaceful, content, meditative, frame of mind…. seriously, they are almost magical!
  • Off Grid with Doug and Stacy¬†– Doug and Stacy live on an off grid homestead in an amazing little house they built themselves. Their videos are full of first hand information on homesteading and off grid living. They do a lot of really great videos about natural living and natural remedies!
  • Big Family Homestead¬†– Brad and Christa make entertaining, informative videos about all things homesteading and saving money.
  • Couponing with Toni¬†– Toni is just a sweetheart! If you are interested in getting started with couponing, saving a ton of money, and building a stockpile, I highly recommend watching her channel.
  • Full Spectrum Survival¬†– I watch the news updates on this channel every morning. This is an excellent survival and preparedness related channel that shouldn’t be missed.
  • ¬†Deep South Homestead¬†– Danny and Wanda are an adorable couple. Their videos are full of great information on gardening and a back to basics lifestyle.
  • The Fewell Homestead¬†– Amy is a hard working, work at home Mom and homesteader. I really admire her, and her videos are full of great information on all things homesteading and working from home.
  • Dirt Patch Heaven¬†– This channel covers all sorts of topics, from gardening and animal care, to tiny house and nomadic living.
Resources for homesteaders: Blogs and Websites I Follow

Here is a listing of the blogs and websites I find myself referring to time and time again, sometimes even daily. There are so many really good blogs and websites out there, and I could never begin to list them all! If there’s a particular one you love, please mention it in the comments section!

  • The Prepper Website¬†– This is a blog that lists preparedness, homesteading, bushcraft and survival articles, videos and podcasts for preppers. It is updated daily and I check it every morning.
  • Survival Blog¬†– Survival Blog is a daily web log for survivalists and preppers that is maintained by author James Wesley Rawles. I also read this one every day.
  • Drudge Report¬†– I check Drudge throughout the day to stay on top of news headlines that are not always reported by the main stream media.
  • Mother Earth News¬†– An online magazine that is chock full of articles on farming, hardening, herbs and much, much more!
  • Fias Co Farm¬†– The best online resource I have found for all things dairy goat related!
  • Fresh Eggs Daily¬†– A beautiful website/blog full of great information on keeping chickens naturally.
  • The Chicken Chick¬†– Another beautiful blog about chicken keeping, as well as DIY projects and recipes.
  • Pure Living for Life¬†– This is an Off Grid Homesteading Blog that I think would be especially useful to those just starting out. Their You Tube Channel is fabulous too!

This is by no means an exhaustive listing of resources for homesteaders, just the ones that I refer to most often. I will update it regularly when I find something new that I think will be most useful to you! Feel free to mention your favorite resources for homesteaders in the comments section, or on my Facebook Page!